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Journalism, Northern Ireland’s ageism problem and the Brain Drain

Note: I don’t normally post off-topic issues like this to The Muckraker but since it involves my experiences as a young journalist, I thought I may as well. Also, The Muckraker has become my de facto home online. It feels … Continue reading

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Northern Irish people are awesome and they’re not homophobic

Everyone’s life is hard and everyone has problems but I live in a country where the rights of gays – to marry, to adopt – are actively opposed by our politicians, the very people that are supposed to fight for … Continue reading

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An ode to Jeff Jarvis

I was browsing Facebook tonight when I came across a post from Jeff Jarvis, talking about being insulted on the Internet. Jeff takes a lot of abuse, day in, day out, yet he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever … Continue reading

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