I was sitting having drinks with my friend Bolster yesterday. The venue was the Europa Hotel – best known as the most bombed hotel in Europe.

That’s pretty much sums up my life for the last four years: dodging grenades. Climbing over one obstacle to find another.

When life is tough, it’s easy to grow resentful – and to hate those who make it harder.

Still, good news and a change in direction this week suggested things might be getting better. Bolster is dealing with change too – he’s off to Liverpool soon to start a new life.  And so we were sitting, drinking, and talking about the past.

We talked about the people we like and hate. On the subject of the latter, Bolster said:

“The next thirty years are going to be tumultuous. To get through them, we need people to be better than the people who wronged them. So if that person you hate emails you to ask you a favour, no matter how much you hate them, say yes.”

It made sense. It’s easy to hate. We in Northern Ireland have grown very good at it.

It’s so much harder to love. 

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